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Retrofit by GFM Spezialschinenbau

Would you like to expand or modernize your old system?

Existing systems are brought up to date by replacing outdated components and adding new, contemporary technological developments.

The decision to modernize an existing system that is getting on in years can bring several advantages, such as:

  • Extension of the service life
  • Increase in production volume and / or product quality
  • Higher system availability
  • Fulfillment of legal requirements, e.g. occupational safety
  • Reliable supply of spare parts
  • Cost savings compared to a new system

GFM customers often use the retrofit option to:

  • Upgrade to the latest hardware and software generations of electrical and electronic components.
  • Reconsider the CE directive of existing machines
  • Realizing a more energy-efficient operation
  • Reduce costs for individual applications, such as less hot glue

Such measures are often included with the introduction of an OEE system.

All GFM machines have a solid substance, so that a retrofit can sometimes be very useful.

Together with the customer, we analyze the current situation and the goals associated with a retrofit. On this basis, we carry out the feasibility check and develop a suitable retrofit concept.

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